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ReferMasters, LLC started in 2011 by focusing on meeting the needs of Self-Employed & Sole Proprietary Individuals, Professionals,  Small Businesses and Nonprofits.  ReferMasters offers a systematic approach to networking.

Our unique entry into the marketplace has opened up a tremendous opportunity to Network more efficiently with business people.  By utilizing over 100 years of sales and marketing experience we are ale to provide our exclusive Members with the latest in Innovation and Technology


We deploy leading edge delivery systems to get you exposure.  We are committed to your success.  It's not about US....it's ALL about YOU!

Our way that we are going to promote the Members will be so effective that other networking groups around the country will take notice.  

I have been to enough networking meetings and groups to see the gaps in what they're not doing correctly.  

If you're fed up with all the BNI meetings, one-to-ones and tired of growing their business and NOT your own.  Then you've taken the first step towards Networking Done Right!  ReferMasters will promote the most efficient use of your time, provide the most highly qualified leads and will yield the most amount of business.

ReferMasters is an excellent investment in YOU!



Business Referral Network


Learn to efficiently Refer other peers and bring them more business than ever before!

Don't waste your time with networking groups.

A Members helping Members approach!

Quarterly Virtual Magazine


Our Business Quarterly will feature our ReferMaster's Customers, Members and their business. 


A story format will be written on how          ReferMasters has positively impacted them.


We will help you recover anywhere from 20% to 80% through audit or contract renegotiation

  • Utility Bill Auditing (electric, natural gas, other commercial fuels, water and sewer)

  • Worker's Compensation

  • 401(K) 403(B)

  • Merchant Processing

  • Shipping & Freight

  • Virtual Card Platform 1.5% APR

  • IT (Hardware & Software)

  • Telecom/Wireless

  • Waste Removal

  • Property Tax Assessment

  • Financing

  • Cost Segregation

  • Location and Relocation Assessments

  • Treasury Fees

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Jeffrey Luger

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Pete Peterson
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Joe Duchene
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It's ALL about YOU!

Dave Baker
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"I had ReferMasters come in and audit my 

IT Services, pointing out ways to reduce my costs by $30K.  Then he went to work on reducing the copier, printer and fax costs from MARCO.  We replaced the legacy equipment with more up-to-date rebuilt 

equipment saving over $150K over 5 years.

They also helped me recapture assets from my ledger resulting in over $500,000 in lost revenues."

"I was an up and coming Life Safety Company, specializing in Design, Smoke Alarms and Safety Panel Inspections.  They developed two websites for me since 2000.  In addition they produced a Video and two nice looking logos for us.  He came up with my first name  "SecureTechs" and 

created a really cool virtual publication I could

email out to my customers and social media.  I've known Jeff for over 50 years, he will take care of your needs."

We started working with Jeff Luger from ReferMasters in 2000.  He developed our company's first Website. " Jeff has more integrity than anyone I know" (Jim Loffler) "Jeff is a marketing guru" (John Hastings).

They designed our logo that we still use!

He took on Xerox and knocked them out of

Mound Westonka School district after a 

25 year stint.  Twenty years later we still service their account.

Dale Dufault

VP of Finance-CLUES Headquarters


Tom Cashman

Vice President - Epic Security Professionals


Jim Loffler

President/CEO - Loffler Companies




Our Address:

1039 Ashland Avenue, Unit 1

St. Paul, MN  55104

Phone: (612) 710-4931

Email: jluger@refermasters.com

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