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Challenges Checklist

Gives your customer an opportunity to be a part of something VERY SPECIAL.

ReferMasters has gone out and found the BEST companies in their respective fields...we've done ALL the legwork for you!  You can benefit greatly from our due diligence.  

After watching the ReferMasters Overview video, please take time with your Certified ReferMasters   Representative, Member or Referral Partner in this General & Laser Focus Challenges Checklist.

General Focus Pic.png

 The First Step is the General Focus form, you simply ask if your attendee has an interest in these areas of business.  If they are then they check off the boxes of interest that they would like to consider doing it in the future.  Second Step, after they check the General Focus check boxes, then they go back and rank them by priority from 1-10.

Challenges Checklist Cap.PNG

Next check each question as to the level of concern on each topic.  Select one of the following:

"None" - "Low" - "Medium" - "High". 

Then take an extra moment and rank the ones you're interested in from 1 -10 in order of priority.

It's NOT Rocket Science and you DON'T have to be a skilled sales person to complete the process.  Just follow the bouncing ball.

Painless & Productive at the same time!

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