Membership Benefits
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ReferMasters Members help each other in so many ways.  Each Member shares their Email List to help grow the Network.  This allows our Members to receive more qualified leads and generate more referrals than any other networking group in the U.S. 

Members Fill-Out Their General Interest & Questions to Ask Form

Each Member will fill-out the General Interest form letting us know what products, services and solutions (PS&S) they have.  Then they will proceed to giving us the correct questions to ask so that we can gather enough information in order to give that Member who provides those PS&S an opportunity to pull together a proposal and conduct business.  No one else in the world is doing it like we do!

Prospects, Customers and Other Members


It all starts with our leading edge Multi-Layered Survey (MLS) process that allows Members to survey their prospects, customers and other Members to generate the success you will come to enjoy.

ReferMasters' Challenges Checklist gets them talking and on the radar screen.thinking about things they can potentially do from a Big Picture standpoint.   Then comes the General Interest form that they check off if they had done anyone one of those services in the past, present or considering it in the future.

The next step in the MLS process is in the Performance Marketing area is ranking each individual PS&S of interest from 1 to 10.  This gives you a much better understanding of their interest level by interest.  This is also where you would ask the qualifying questions based on the high interest (7-10) and you record their answers on your phone, tablet or online at Virtual Speech for emailing to a RM representative.

The Final Step in the MLS process is to have a ReferMasters representative follow-up with Member and send a copy of the Challenges Checklist, General Interest, Performance Marketing, and link to recorded questions to them.  The RM rep will conduct the final step in the MLS process, Prioritization and Ranking in order of the Products, Services & Solutions.  Once the RM rep has determined in what order the interested Prospect, Customer or Member (PCM) would like to proceed, each of the Members involved would receive everything needed to proceed within a time frame designated by PCM.

Once the highly-qualified leads and warm referrals have been distributed, the Member (Referee) receiving the lead would pay the Member (Referrer) a Referral Fee based on the agreed upon worth of their PS&S.