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Proven Sales System

We have developed a powerful marketing system called "Guided Value Tour". It's a blend of Technology, Psychology, Predictive Programming & Research, and over 46 years of Sales and Marketing experience.

GVT Sales System has been designed to Shorten the Sales Cycle by at Least 40% while putting in your hands a proven system that will yield an 80% to 85% Closing Ratio. Guided Value Tour is a unique combination using an online system that will improve communications between your Prospects, Customers and Key Clients. This systematic approach to business has been designed with the end-user in mind.  We raise the bar so high we positioned the program where we’re not selling anything, we’re simply giving everyone an opportunity to be a part of something special.

In an age where "customization" is so important to
1. Attract 2. Promote 3. Engage 4. Solidify a relationship with the end-user and market base. GVT is giving your company a legitimate opportunity to earn your prospects' business. Referrals are the most powerful way to establish an open forum with your target market and do it in a way that: A. Respects their time B. Supercharges their interest level C. Creates a paradigm shift early in the relationship D. That fosters a real opportunity to bring them on as a new customer.  Once your customer is acclimated to the ReferMasters System you have them for life!

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